Our family workers cover a large area of Northern Ireland each week. Would you consider spending one hour a month visiting a mother, wife or girlfriend of a serving prisoner to encourage, befriend and pray for?



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Family Work Prayer Requests

Today we remember families who are separated by prison walls. ‘Heavenly Father, bring comfort, perseverance and hope to all who miss their loved ones today’.

Pray for all the mums who have sons, daughters or grandchildren in prison. May they know God’s comfort throughout the separation, and may God bring healing and reconciliation where it is needed.

Pray for those whom our family workers visit who know Jesus as LORD and Saviour. Pray that they will be encouraged in their faith and in turn trust Him more and more as they face the challenges of each day. Pray also for those whom they visit who do not know Jesus. Pray that God will unsettle them and call them to Himself.

Pray for children and young people with a parent in prison. Pray that there would be improved and joined-up support from government services for these little ones who are often invisible in the system.

One of the hardest things for anyone to bear is a sense of isolation or of feeling completely alone. Our hope is that through Prison Fellowship’s Family Work that mums, grannies, wives, sisters would know that they are not on their own,

we deeply care for them and about them.

“The last thing I want as a Family Worker”, says Sandra “is to slip into ‘going through the motions’ when I visit my Families, so for me, I want to stay fresh. But most of all as I visit, listen and pray with families, my desire is that they will see in some small way something of the love of God for them, and in turn seek Him and the hope that is offered to them through the Gospel.

As Family workers, we visit ladies all over Northern Ireland and it’s a privilege getting to know these women from very varied backgrounds with very diverse problems. We could be visiting a home in an area that is known for its drug problems and later that day visit a place with a lovely view of the countryside. But these ladies all have one thing in common – grief at having a loved one in prison. Please pray for each family and for Sandra and I as we bring God’s grace and hope into their situations.  Pray for families to be restored, that broken homes in our country will know the LOVE of GOD.