“As others pray for me, I draw strength and comfort in knowing that no matter what I face, their prayers are lifting me up before God and calling on His protecting power. This gives me a calm assurance and stability as I rely on God alone.”

(Prison Officer)

Prison Staff Prayer Requests

Pray for protection as they work, that they demonstrate integrity and compassion even in demanding situations.

Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they seek to manage the complexity of these demanding needs.

Pray for prison staff and management as they have to deal with those who have mental health needs.

Pray for those in Prison management that God will give them wisdom in the important decisions they make in overseeing our prison service.

Remember Prison Governors, men with a very challenging role.

Pray for their safety, for mental clarity and discernment, and for hearts that are merciful and hopeful.

Pray for safety and protection for prison staff, both within the prison establishments and within their communities.

Pray for prison staff as they face many difficult tasks of managing prisoners each day. They play a vital role in the lives of men and women under their care. 

Pray for prison staff as they work on the landings and in other roles that our staff and volunteers will be able to interact positively with them, and that they will see God working in their workplace.

Thank God for the vision and commitment of the Chaplaincy staff who run Sunday services for Christian prisoners.

Pray that they would be a time of refreshment and hope for everyone who attends.