Prayer Focus

Your Prayers Matter!

  • Pray for Prison Fellowship as we continue to help those released in the community. Pray for provision for us financially to keep providing aftercare to ex-prisoners.

  • Pray for our workers as they travel and reach out to those most in need, while following strict guidelines and health and safety advice.

  • Pray for protection for our staff and their families as they operate in this key role. Pray for the men and women they bring food and medicine to. Pray for them as they assist with benefit claims, letters and help with poverty.

  • Pray for help for ex-offenders with no electricity, phone, gas or heating, and no mental health support or assistance with other issues.

  • There has been a rise of domestic violence during the ‘lockdown’. Pray for those who are living with someone who is harming them, and they feel there is no way out. Pray for places of safety for them and their family members.

  • Pray for the Probation Board for NI and their officers as they supervise men and women in the community. Pray for the service providers who continue to offer support – this includes, counsellors, addiction services and mental health teams – as part of PBNI.

  • Pray for all the hostels across NI and for the staff who run and manage them. Pray for all the men and women who currently reside in a hostel. Give thanks for the provision of these services at this time and how they have adapted to help some of the most vulnerable in our society.

  • Pray for those who are homeless or who find it very difficult to live as part of our community. Pray for them on the streets, pray for shelter and safety, pray for provision for them. Pray for their mental health and especially pray for organisations who are helping the homeless and have not just pulled their shutters down.

  • Pray for those who already felt isolated before isolation. Pray especially against fear and loneliness. Pray they have the courage to reach out to accept help available.

  • Each woman in Hydebank Wood College, along with the officers received a card and gift on Easter Sunday. Lynne received a message saying how much this had meant. Pray these women will understand their true worth and look to Jesus.

  • Pray for C who has recently returned to prison. Like many, she faces huge struggles with addiction and mental health. Pray for breakthrough.

  • Pray for single mums and the challenges they face with the closure of schools and childcare facilities. Pray for strength and stamina for them as they balance schoolwork, home life and active kids during ‘lockdown’.

  • Pray for L’s mum A who has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Please pray for quick access to treatment and that both L and A will turn to the Lord at this time.

  • Pray for N who is extremely anxious because of covid19. N has been told she should not leave her home for 12 weeks due to underlying health conditions.

  • M lives on her own and has been in lockdown for 4 weeks, give thanks she looks to our LORD for peace, pray on her low days she continues to lift her eyes to HIM.

Give thanks to all those who support us with donations, practical support, emergency funds and prayers – it is because of this that we can do this work and get through this together.


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Our Quarterly Prayer Focus

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