Each of the tabs are a different focus for our Week of Prayer, click each one to hear a little about our work.  The following devotion was written by Prison Fellowship International and recorded by one of our young men.


Each volunteer is an essential cog in the Prison Fellowship machine, and we are so thankful for them!

Give thanks for all that our volunteers do; and we ask that you would pray a blessing over each one.

Pray they would continue to be upheld and protected as they volunteer with us.

Pray volunteers would be equipped with wisdom and integrity as they seek to serve Christ in their roles.


Pray for families who are coping under immense pressure while their loved one is in custody.

Pray that they would encounter Jesus, and that as our family workers visit with them that they would be encouraged and supported

Pray that they will know that as we journey with them, our good and compassionate loving God is also with them, and longing for each one to turn to Him.


Please pray for those in prison who are longing to be free. We know that true freedom is found only in Jesus.

Pray that as we minister to the inmates we would boldly share the Gospel message in love.

Pray that as the good news of Jesus is shared it would resonate in the hearts and minds of prisoners and that we would see many come to faith in Christ in these days.


Pray for all the released prisoners who engage with us and come in and out of the centre.

Pray that each person would be impacted by their time with us at Prison Fellowship.

Pray as they come to a crossroads in their lives, they would find forgiveness and fullness of Joy in and through a personal relationship with Jesus and trust in Him as they focus on moving forward.


Pray for those responsible in building a safe society, Prison staff, PSNI, Probation staff, Court staff and others.

Pray these individuals will be encouraged and guided as they seek to deliver justice in our society.

Pray that they would encounter God, who is just and wise, and would come to know and love Him for themselves.