Prison Fellowship is a Christian ministry responding to the spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of prisoners, released prisoners and their families. Offering hope and a new beginning.

Christmas Hope

Providing Food & Toy Hampers to prisoners’ families and released prisoners at Christmas. We believe every child deserves a new gift at Christmas so we are unable to accept used or second hand items for Christmas Hope.


Through our Aftercare project we offer support to men and women who have been in prison or have interacted with the criminal justice system and are resident in NI. We draw alongside those who experience difficulties integrating back into their communities.

Prison Work

Staff and volunteers make regular visits to all three prisons in NI visiting prisoners in their cells, providing a listening ear to help ease the loneliness, fear and despair that arises from being in prison.

Sycamore Tree

An accredited programme in Victim awareness and Restorative Justice. A 6 week programme, which covers Victim awareness, Taking Steps to address offending behaviours, Restoration, Real life stories, Forgiveness and Taking Steps to move forward.